Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy 15th anniversary, TSEP!

So, I don't expect anyone to remember this (even I didn't until Greg reminded me a few weeks ago), but it was exactly 15 years ago today that the first band I was ever in, The Self Esteem Project, played our first show.  And what an excellent show it was. Our friend Meridith was nice enough to lend out her parents basement in Deep Cove and have us, September, Plains of Abraham, and Reserve 34 come over and make noise, take our pants off, and yell and scream for the afternoon. It was awesome. Those sure were the days. So, happy anniversary Greg, Kyle, and Clayton!

Oh yeah, anyone interested in seeing the other bands sets? Let me know!


  1. Wow. Just came across this ~ awesome!

  2. Wasn't this the show that Nick Berry or someone went down the steep hill and messed up their arm? Or was that somewhere else?

  3. reserve 34 footage pleeeaase!